Customer Service Night Work At Home

A number of companies have sought a way to have more flexible staffing arrangements. Other companies have searched for a better way to develop a more integrated technology. All of those companies stand to benefit by seeking workers who can perform customer service work at home.

A company with a cadre of at-home customer service workers has an off-site "call center." That off-site "call center," however, is not meant to be the origin of cold calls. Those who answer the "center's" calls must make contact in a voice that is both pleasant and easy to understand.

At one time many companies tried to achieve greater staff flexibility and improved technology integration by using offshore workers. Language barriers prevented those workers from making their words understandable to the calling customer. Thus many companies have turned to the at-home customer service worker.

A night worker can function as an independent contractor. That arrangement proves very satisfactory when the customer service worker needs to receive his or her calls at night. A
night worker can receive calls made from customers who live far outside of the time zone of the company headquarters.

While more companies are now hiring at-home customer service workers, the quest for those jobs remains highly competitive. A job applicant needs to "stand out." The following paragraphs suggest ways that the applicant for an at-home position can stand-out.  

The applicant for an at-home customer service job needs to have a professional-looking resume. That resume should feature pertinent skills. It should offer evidence of a familiarity with multiple types of software. It should make clear the ability of the potential customer service worker to communicate using modern technology, such as e-mail. It should highlight the people skills of the job applicant.

A resume can be made more impressive by including with that resume evidence of professionalism. Someone about to apply for at-home night customer service work might want to invest in some business cards. One business card could then be enclosed with each resume.

If the job applicant has found that a number of jobs focus on a specific area, such as healthcare, the aspiring customer service worker might want to improve his or her familiarity with that sphere of business. It is possible to sign-up for a free course in medical terminology. Such a course could prove useful to someone seeking employment as a night customer service worker.

Not all positions that are open to an at-home customer service worker can be easily located. Some companies hesitate to post a request for at-home workers, fearing a flood of letters from a diverse collection of job applicants. One can find an at-home night customer service job by undertaking a careful examination of the jobs available at companies that are known to hire at-home workers.

So what companies tend to hire at-home workers? They are the American Automobile Association, Dell, General Electric, Jet Blue Airways, Office Depot and Staples.  Beyond those specific companies, someone wanting an at-home customer service job should make contact with a staffing firm, such as Career Builder or Yahoo Hot Jobs.

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